Everything you need to know about joining us on a trek

Choosing Your Trip

Deciding if our trips are right for you, and how to choose your perfect trip.

How do I know if your trips are right for me?
Do I need to be an experienced rider?
How do I choose between your different trips?
What is your maximum group size?
Will there be other tourists where we ride?

The Horses and Riding

Everything you need to know about how far we ride in a day, the saddles we use and our horses.

How long do we spend in the saddle each day?
What kind of tack do we use (saddles, bridles etc)?
Are your treks like being on a pony ride back home?
What about my non-riding partner?
Will I get to gallop?

Booking Your Trip

How to grab a spot on a trip, payment options, and what happens if you can't make it after booking.

We are currently updating our Booking Conditions now that the threat of travel disruption due to Covid-19 has reduced. It could come back for another go at us anytime, so see our detailed scenarios for answers to questions such as 'what happens if I can't travel due to lockdown?'.

Two steps to secure a place on one of our trips
What are my payment options?
What happens if I can't make it and need to cancel?
How about if Zavkhan Trekking cancels the trip?
What if the 'itinerary' changes?
What are my responsibilities as a client?
Who can come on our trips?
Is it OK to bring my kids along?
Can Zavkhan Trekking be held responsible if I get injured?

Camping and Accommodation

All things related to accommodation, including hotels, tents, toilets and washing.

Can I pay a single supplement?
What will the, err, 'facilities' be like?
Will there be the opportunity to wash (myself and my clothes too)?
Will there be rosters of chores and duties?
Can you arrange extra accommodation for me before or after my trip?

Health and Safety

Questions relating to your well-being while riding with Zavkhan Trekking. 

What vaccinations should I get?
Are the countries we ride in safe for travellers?
What emergency back-up do you provide if something goes wrong?
What insurance companies can I use?
Do I need to wear a hard hat?
Is the water safe to drink?
Do I have anything to fear from rabies or other nasties?

Food on the Trips

Questions close to everyone's heart (or stomach) about what you will be eating when you ride with us.

Will we be eating boiled mutton every day?
I'm vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/halal, will I survive?
Will I get to try the local food?
Can I get a beer or wine after a long day of riding?

Our Riders

If you are wondering about who you might end up with on a ride, let us put your mind at ease.

What sort of people come on our trips?
What age group are your riders usually?
Do you get many women on your trips, or is it mainly blokes?
How experienced are most riders?
What countries do your riders come from?

Advice on What to Bring

Here's what we advise that you bring with you, what to put it in, and how much you can take on a trip. Download our recommended Packing List.

What clothing should I bring?
Rain gear
What sort of sleeping bag do you recommend?
What footwear should I bring?
What sort of bag should I carry my personal gear in?
How much personal gear I can take with me?
What currency should I bring with me, and how much?

Hiking Trips

Our main focus has always been horse trekking, but we have run several successful hiking trips over the years and are keen to run more. Some of the information on our website is still a little 'horse-centric', so we will be adding advice specifically for hiking trips here. 

This section is under construction.

What type of hiking boots do you recommend?

Bits and Bobs

Other bits and pieces you may not have thought to ask about.

Can you put me in touch with my fellow travellers before the trip?
I'm arriving a few days early, can you still meet me at the airport?
Will the bugs be as bad as people say?
Do you have foreign trip leaders?
Is it safe to leave gear at the hotel while on the trip?
Do I need to tip the local team?