Our favourite photos and videos from 20 years of trekking

We will be adding more of our favourite photos here. Some photos are from Zavkhan Trekking and others (the better ones!) are from our guests. Scroll down for videos.

A selection of videos from our past trips

Think of these as home movies - sometimes a bit rough, often filmed with one hand while clinging to a galloping horse, but you will get the idea of what Zavkhan Trekking is all about. Click on the YouTube link to view full size.

Kazakhstan - reckless riding (2018)

Kazakhstan trekking (2016)

Kazakhstan trekking (2015)

Sakha trek (2019)

Riding with our Zavkhan team (2019)

Mongolia and Kazakhstan (2017)

Mongolia - Altai Mountains (2013)

Mongolia - Taster trek (2018)

Videos shared by our guests

Please note, we take no responsibility for any reckless behaviour, bad language, or nudity on horseback shown in these videos...

Magnificent Mongolia (2018)

From Amaiden Voyager

Mongolian Altai (2019)

From Kylie B

Summers end in the Russian taiga (2018)

From Adam Halbur

iCharleston Mongolia (2012)

From Annalisa Dovey

You could be starring in your own adventure

If these photos and videos inspire you to get out and experience it all for yourself, our friendly team are ready to make it happen.