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30 May 2021

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We will be updating this blog regularly to keep you informed about what's happening in Mongolia and Kazakhstan. We are keeping an eye on Sakha also. Check out our new super-flexible Booking Conditions for the 2021 season to give you peace of mind in these uncertain times.

30th May 2021


Update from our team in Ulaanbaatar:

The covid situation in Mongolia has been worsening. No one is sure what to believe. It seems even the government is not certain of what needs to be done and the Ministry of Health has stopped giving detailed information on the situation. There is a lot of uncertainty in Mongolia.

The disease has now reached its claws into all provinces.

Amangul has got her team in Altai vaccinated ready for trips this year if the Mongolian border opens in July. 

Nobody in this country knows what's exactly happening with covid, but has to believe the numbers coming from the Ministry of Health. Soon there will be a presidential election and things may get better after that.

As of today, 55,852 total cases, 263 deaths, and 2,388,063 vaccine doses administered. 

Information source: Mongolian Ministry of Health, Mongolian National Emergency Management Agency, World Health Organisation - Mongolia


435,104 confirmed cases, 7149 deaths, and 2,822,555 vaccine doses administered.

The border continues to remain closed until further notice.

Information source: World Health Organisation - Kazakhstan


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