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05 November 2020

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4th February 2021


Update from our team in Ulaanbaatar:

On 27th January the Cabinet members heard a report on the current situation on the COVID-19 pandemic and measures being taken by the State Emergency Commission. The risk of COVID-19 spread from the capital to the countryside has been assessed as "above high". To date, more than 1.5 million people have been tested nationwide, of whom 526 thousand people have been tested with rapid tests while 981 thousand people with PCR.

There are 1775 Mongolians and four foreigners at 31 isolation facilities in the capital city, and six people are now under isolation in the rural area. To date, a total of 28,359 Mongolian nationals were brought back from abroad. Of them, 21.716 were repatriated by 119 charter flights, while 6,643 were brought home by ground transport through the southern and northern border checkpoints.

The preparations regarding the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines, transportation, storage, and vaccination are underway. "Up to 60 percent of the population will be vaccinated within the framework of the vaccination campaign and a complex set of actions will be taken from procurement to transportation, cold chain storage, delivery infrastructure and distribution” said the Finance Minister. “More than 8,000 healthcare workers will be trained and prepared for the vaccination campaign.”

National Committee for Immunization and Human Drug Council under the Ministry of Health convened and authorized to register three coronavirus vaccines - Pfizer and BioNTech, AstraZeneca and Moderna under emergency procedure.

As informed by the Deputy Prime Minister, a study is underway to vaccinate frontline healthcare workers, hemodialysis patients, organ transplant recipients and other patients who require long-term care, and seniors who are 70 years of age or older in the first place. 

As of today, 1779↑ total cases :

recovered 1333↑
under treatment 559↑
deaths 2↑

In isolation monitoring facilities 98↑

The border continues to remain closed until further notice.

Information source: Mongolian Ministry of Health, Mongolian National Emergency Management Agency, World Health Organisation - Mongolia


238,364 confirmed cases, 3,126 deaths. The border continues to remain closed until further notice.

Information source: World Health Organisation - Kazakhstan


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