Introducing Our Team

08 June 2020
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Meet our Fantastic Team

On a trip with Zavkhan Trekking, you will spend a lot of time with our local friends, whether out riding, at dinner, or around the campfire. We always try to avoid any division between guests and staff. For us, during a trip we are all one team. They are happy to be sharing their culture with you (and to be sharing your culture too).

Be warned, our team are not traditional tour staff, they are real live local people, a bit rough around the edges sometimes, but always friendly and fun. When they are not on a trip with you, they are nomadic herders, or park rangers, or school teachers...

They take their responsibilities very seriously (especially when it comes to your safety), but we encourage them to have fun - it makes a better trip for all. The most important thing for them is that you leave with a smile on your face, telling everyone about the wonderful culture and hospitality you have experienced.

Learn more about the people we work with below.

Dondov & Adiya


Part of the original team way back in 2002, Dondov has led the horse wrangling in Zavkhan since the very beginning, with his son Adiya to back him up. Both quiet, calm, classic Mongolian horsemen, their herds have served as spirited yet reliable horses for all these years. While Dondov can do anything from roll a cigarette on horseback in a rainstorm to charm each and every person on a trip, his son Adiya (a wrestler) has grown into a master wrangler in his own right - although you will have to work to get him to smile at you! Dondov and his wife Delgersaikhan have a total of 7 kids and 4 grandkids.



It’s no work at all to get Tsooj to smile - in fact, his happy laughter has been the background for our trips since 2003. Tsooj’s horses are famous for their speed, especially the legendary Ninja lineage (Ginja Ninja, Ninja Mumma, Son of Ninja...). His younger sons (Monkhbayasgalen and Bayarbayasgalen) are now helping train and raise them. His oldest daughter, Batbayasgalen, studies at university in UB. In the winter, Tsooj helps his wife, teacher Batgarmaa, run a small bakery in town.

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Mandakh & Lkhagvaa

A veteran ZT translator born in Zavkhan Province, Mandy has guided and translated in all our Mongolia locations since 2009. Nowadays, she also works as an officer at Mercy Corps and cares for her 8 yr old son Tulgudur (which means “perfect” in Mongolian, although she reports that’s just a Mongolian naming tradition - he’s not quite perfect yet). He’s been known to come along on shorter trips and speaks English well, already. They both love drawing, singing, dancing, and ping pong!

Married to Mandy, Lkhagvaa joined ZT in 2013 and has become known for bold cooking moves like Mongolian countryside-style sushi. He is named for the day on which he was born, a Wednesday, and loves travelling, experimental cooking, and practicing his English with the teams on trips. 

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