Wilderness Medical Training Comes to Mongolia

06 January 2024
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Finally able to take action on a postponed dream, long-time ZT managing partner Jen Buttery has just received her certification to instruct on wilderness first responder and other wilderness medicine programs with Wilderness Medical Associates, a company which has taught practical wilderness medicine worldwide since 1982 (www.wildmed.com). With this first step, ZT has at last been able to begin real plans for adding Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness First Aid courses for staff, guests, and rural locals, in Mongolia.

As a leader in remote safety and prevention in our field, we will continue investing in our teams and raising the bar for our local partnerships. Having built these relationships for decades, we have long wanted to empower not only our staff but their communities, as well, in whatever ways we can. We hope to bring the tenets of practical medical assessment and care in remote, under-resourced areas to the people who can benefit most from it, out in the countryside.

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Beyond the obvious benefits of first aid knowledge, wilderness medical training focuses on a simple patient assessment system and core concepts for triage, treatment, patient management, and evacuation. For many who live far from medical care, in Mongolia or anywhere else, the decision to travel to a hospital or clinic hours or days away, potentially on public transport, can be really hard.

We are very excited to be able to share our training in earnest to help make a little dent in one of the many difficulties facing our remote partners in Mongolia, as they work to maintain and adapt their traditional lifestyles to modern day needs.

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