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03 January 2022

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We will be updating this blog regularly to keep you informed about what's happening in Mongolia and Kazakhstan. We are keeping an eye on Sakha also. Check out our new super-flexible Booking Conditions for the 2022 season to give you peace of mind in these uncertain times.

3rd January 2022


Update from our team in Ulaanbaatar:

Mongolia generally is getting over the Delta variant and the majority of people are double or triple vaxxed. However the spread of Omicron is taking place fast. It will take some time for the government to make constructive decisions on new entry rules for 2022 based on information from WHO and other key institutions.

1. Currently travelers coming from overseas must have a certificate of vaccination and a negative PCR test prior to arrival.

2. If you are coming from a country with Omicron case records, you can enter as above, without requiring isolation, but will require another PCR test upon arrival.

3. Some Mongolian Consulates and Embassies, and other sites, are not regularly updating their websites, so there is a lot of conflicting information about the current situation.

4. We are expecting another update in January 2022, from the National Emergency Management Agency, with information about likely restrictions for foreign visitors entering Mongolia.
Our teams in Mongolia are now vaccinated ready for trips in 2022.

As of today, 388,190 total cases, 1981 deaths, and 5,271,246 vaccine doses administered. 

Information sources: Mongolian Ministry of Health, Mongolian National Emergency Management Agency, World Health Organisation - Mongolia


1,071,035 confirmed cases, 18,211 deaths, and 17,753,627 vaccine doses administered.

The border continues to remain closed until further notice.

Information source: World Health Organisation - Kazakhstan


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